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The Secrets In Plain Sight!

August 12, 2017 - Picking Up My Own Gauntlet!

The Secrets In Plain Sight!
Released on Aug 11, 2017

I accepted my own challenge, and have taken on the task of learning what I can about Glastonbury and its legends, beginning with Joseph of Arimathea and expanding toward Arthur.  As with any expedition, I have some idea of where I'm going and I have some idea of what I am looking for, but I know to keep my eyes open as doors may open along the way.

This is my journey, and yours is the one which you choose.  But, many of the principles are the same, and we all seek knowledge.  Glastonbury has been attracting me for some time because of certain legends which, if proven, would force at least some of us to shift our perspectives!

And with this, we can explore the secrets in plain sight which have been waiting for us.

Blessed Be!