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Episode 36: Drainsplainin'

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 08/17/2017

Back from rumspringa in The North and in Houston just in time for the flood.  Let’s splain everything as best we can.

Segment One: Let’s talk about the flood. Topics include S&WB’s unique power generation issues. (Described in detail here in 2011) Landrieu’s reorganization of the board’s structure. Cedric Grant buying furniture and  “showing leadership.” A potential privatization scheme could go very badly.  This stuff matters because someone will have to oversee implementation of the new water management plan.

At a about the 45 minute mark, we transition into preseason football mostly so that we can take stock of the growing number of Bronze Toms in the universe.

Segement Two: Jeff celebrates his birthday at the Bayou Brief launch party. Later, Jeff and Lance confirm the Shock Pole myth.  Lance road trips to Houston for “White Denim Night” and then up to Crosby, Mississippi for a writer’s retreat. Alli drove and camped her way all the way up to Michigan and back with a stop off in Chicago for the DSA National Convention.

The Jivewire: One of the goofiest Jivewires yet, really. Sponsored by WeMetInTheAir

 Congrats to the Wray family, BTW.  

Incidental music: Quasi, Gary Brown

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