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#51 Season 5 Episode 22 (finale)

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 08/19/2017

Worth the wait!!  We discuss the Season 5 finale.  We both really liked the episode, however we both thought for a season finale, we should have gotten more. 

What happened you ask?  Deacon finds out that Zach is angry about the no branding and decides to pull their funding including paying the light bill.  Luckily, Deacon can use the studios at Trax.  Will lets Zach know that he is disappointed that Zach would go against his friends who accepted him unconditionally.  Avery is still being hit on by Polly while Juliette is dealing with the song stealing aftermath.  Deacon finds out about Juliette stealing Maddie's song and vows that if he saves Hwy 65, Juliette is out!  Gunnar and Scarlett finally "talk". Gunnar grows a pair and breaks up with Scarlett (for good? again?, who knows?!)  Daphne goes to a party and meets Jessie's son Jake (mommas boy--Flynn has nothing to worry about).  Brad has an alternative for Zach and Alyssa.  Speaking of Alyssa, somehow she manages to kiss Deacon--(because he needed it).  Jessie and Deacon have a long goodbye and just when it seems a spark might turn to fire, nothing happens between them (next season folks).  Juliette tries to do the right thing and exposes Zach while trying to make right with the rest of Hwy 65 using the nosey reporter lady from an episode or two ago.  Maybe it works when Deacon sees the real Zach and still offers them to be partners. (Somehow I don't think this is long term as long as Jessie's Ex Brad is around.)  Maddie gets to sing her hit at the AMAs but loses best song to Katy Perry and she is OK with it.  Avery heads home when he finds out what Juliette did and he supports her because he loves her.


As the crow flies---The Exes

Clockwork-----Maddie & Daphne w/ Kacey Musgraves

Little Darlin'--------Will and Scarlett