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ParentingAces - The Junior Tennis and College Tennis Podcast

Wayne Bryan, Steve Johnson, Melanie Rubin from 2014 US Open

ParentingAces - The Junior Tennis and College Tennis Podcast
Released on Sep 4, 2017

Since I'm not yet at the 2017 US Open, I thought I would throw things back to my last trip to our Home Slam and my conversation with Tennis Parents Extraordinaire: Wayne Bryan (father of Bob & Mike, the Bryan Brothers), Steve Johnson (father of Stevie who passed away earlier this year), and Melanie Rubin (mom of Noah). These three have so much knowledge and great advice to share to those of us coming up behind them. I hope you enjoy hearing from them.

I plan on releasing another podcast episode later this week from the 2017 US Open, so please keep an eye out for it. The US Open Juniors tournament is now underway, and the Collegiate Invitational starts Thursday, both of which will provide lots of great content for another podcast!

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