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Your Money, Your Business, Your Life

Think and Grow Rich with Don Green of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

Your Money, Your Business, Your Life
Released on Sep 26, 2017

Every entrepreneur wants to fulfill his or her desire to become successful. However, there is no magic formula to do so. I’m talking today with expert Don Green of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Based on the best selling principle of life and success, Don constructed the idea of the Think and Grow Rich principle originated by Napoleon Hill. In fact, Don helped me develop my book ideas for Think and Grow Rich for Women, a resource to celebrate women of success.


Today, I’m discussing with Don the importance of this book for many young entrepreneurs that decide to leap into business. Many young millennials might have a blueprint of their business plan, but many of them lack a coach to carry them through. As Don and I discuss, the original Napoleon Hill business foundation is essential for many young entrepreneurs to venture out with confidence and prosperity.



“You’re only defeated when you quit.” - Don Green



This week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:

  • Developing a sense of confidence and persistence to build your dreams
  • What you need to know to value success and failure when starting a business
  • Continuing to learn new ideas to improve your business
  • Learning to cope with fear of criticism and failure
  • Promoting your business ideas with persistence and perseverance








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