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Your Money, Your Business, Your Life

You Are the CEO of Your Life with Lisa Walker

Your Money, Your Business, Your Life
Released on Sep 19, 2017

YMBL038 You Are the CEO of Your Life with Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker is a psychologist, executive coach, trainer, and public speaker with a unique focus on helping individuals overcome challenging obstacles throughout their lives, businesses, or careers. Growing up in a rural part of Jamaica as a young girl, Lisa has experienced significant challenges that have fueled her passion to help others overcome their personal and professional obstacles to achieve success.

On today’s episode, Lisa shares her humble beginnings that lead to her successful career. She shares how she helps others overcome challenges and obstacles that are preventing them from moving forward in their own lives, the importance of objectifying your obstacles instead of internalizing them, and how staying positive and hopeful when faced with significantly difficult challenges can help you overcome them.


“We are all overcomers if we allow ourselves to think it, to believe it, then act as if we are.” - Lisa Walker


This week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:

  • How she helps people overcome obstacles and take control of their lives.
  • Strategies to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals.
  • The importance of finding support and encouragement from others.
  • The importance of objectifying challenges to overcome them.
  • Overcoming difficult obstacles through remaining hopeful and positive.


Lisa Walker’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Live today as if it’s your last day.
  • When obstacles come, see them as opportunities or challenges and push through them. You have what it takes to do so.



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