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#19 - Pancakes on the Floor (feat Oscar De La Hoya)

Tino Cochino Radio
Released on Sep 19, 2017

Dude, this week is.........ugh. Lol! Our buddy Matt is officially no longer cool, he just bought a mini-van. We also find out that Milli's mom has really pretty feet! Tino shares a story of a friend who had a syrup covered pancake just chilling on the floor. Nicasio and Deonne go back and forth with the insults and Milli and Tino end up having a screaming match! Yikes!!!

Huge shout to for sponsoring this podcast......even with all of our drama, they love us! If you've been involved in a serious car accident, call them now! Hit the website for all their info. They have offices in multiple cities. 

Oh, did we mention that boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya is on this weeks show?! We caught up with him in Vegas and he reveals that he's a fan of Cardi B.!