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DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

Key West Writer/Publicist Carol Shaughnessy: "Today's the Day"

DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley
Released on Sep 22, 2017

On his last day in Key West, Florida in August, Dennis visits the home of local writer and publicist Carol Shaughnessy to hear her recall the extraordinary tale of legendary local treasure hunter Mel Fisher and his 16-year quest to find sunken Spanish treasure off the coast of Key West. Carol talks about her personal connection to the story, the everyday artifact they found that captured her imagination, what happened after the big discovery, the resulting Supreme Court case and how the story exemplifies the independent spirit of Key West. Carol also talks about how she ended up moving to Key West from Minnesota (it involves a pink taxi), the day it rained emeralds and the way the people of Key West support each other in the pursuit of their dreams. Other topics include: the giant sea-to-sea rainbow flag that traversed the island in 2003, her favorite bad movie, her hidden talent and her hardcore "Murder She Wrote" habit.