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The DC TV Report

The DC TV Report for week ending 9/23/17

The DC TV Report
Released on Sep 24, 2017
Ed and Sara are back for round two in the DC TV multiverse! Gotham's the lone premiere of the week (4:04), so the Wonder Twins take a deep dive into just how high the Penguin's electric bills must be. Then they discuss the fresh headlines about Gotham, Preacher (45:45), Lucifer(48:34), and the huge CW crossover, along with Supergirl (49:55), Flash (59:18), Arrow (1:02:34), Titans (1:04:47), and the newest potential show in the DC lineup: HBO's Watchmen (1:08:50). Finally, Ed and Sara introduce a new regular segment debating which hero or villain won the week. (Hint: This time around, it's crappy mask vs. crap-your-pants mask.)
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