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19 Best of the First 5 years Part 2

Fighting Through WW2 Memoirs

Release Date: 09/29/2017

Revisit my first five years' favourites from episodes 1-17.

The best, the bloopers, the funniest and scariest moments, plus loads of new material.

Happy International Podcast Day 2017!

Great, unpublished history!

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Full show notes including transcript, maps and photos at www.FightingThroughPodcast.co.uk


Soldiers' WW2 poetry.

D-Day WWII memoirs from Bill Cheall, Sgt Brian Moss and CSM Doug Gray.

The last flight of Lancaster Lily Mars – very, very sad.

Danger UXB! A gripping WWII story of bomb disposal during the London Blitz – hold onto your seat!

An unbelievably scary account of the brutal battle of Gallipoli, WW1  – I dare you to listen!

Full show notes including transcript, maps and photos at www.FightingThroughPodcast.co.uk.

Link to feedback/reviews.