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The Hunker Downcast

Episode 37-B: Total Eclipse of the Varg

The Hunker Downcast
Released on Sep 30, 2017

This is Varg’s epic journey to Paducah, Kentucky to see the solar eclipse last month. The story ran pretty long so we cut it out and released it as a “B side” to Episode 37. Varg’s trip takes him through the wilds of Mississippi to Jackson (America’s most radical city) on to Memphis and then across the great convergence of rivers at Cairo, Ill before finally arriving at the Eclipse Zone where something spiritual happens (maybe.) And then the whole thing kind of devolves into a backyard philosophy debate but with not enough weed.

Also Jeff promised to add notes concerning Marlin Gusman’s chargees sometimes running loose on Bourbon Street, as well as this article by Sam Kriss about the virtues of staring into the sun.

Incidental music samples: “Someone Like You” by  Adele, “True and Natural Man” by Kristin Diable, and “Distance Equals Rate Times Time” by The Pixies. Also the unofficial but pretty much official Hunkerdowncast theme is “Campers” by Testaverde.

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