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The Hunker Downcast

Episode 38: A Demonym for Tim en 'em

The Hunker Downcast
Released on Oct 1, 2017

It’s election time in New Orleans. Do you know what district are you in?  One parish over, Mike Yenni is extremely weird but Lance thinks that’s ok.  The US and N. Korea went to DEFCON something or other over a tree one time.

We look at the latest mayoral poll numbers and talk about  what they might mean. Also here is   The ballad of Frank Scurlock.  Also, too, Sidney Torres’s farcical debate and its possible ramifications.   

Finally, in sports, LSU college football misery. #LesWouldaWon  NFL anthem antics, and, yeah, the back half of this episode has audio problems. Maybe ditch the headphones once the weird buzz kicks in.  We’ll get it right one of these days.

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