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The Best Neighbors Podcast

Sorry for the Bummers-Episode #51

The Best Neighbors Podcast
Released on Oct 3, 2017

Hey Neighbors! We have lots of great recs for you this week; recommendations for your eyes & ears, and not everything we talk about this week is a total bummer! Erin attends a media panel that bums her out; Margo talks VH1 shows; both talk of Netflix's GERALD'S GAME & ICE CASTLE trivia. (Bet you never thought you'd see those two titles in the same sentence!) We also talk of Gaga-Lady Gaga that is, and her Netflix doc, FIVE FOOT TWO, and get ready for Margo's dramatic reading from a memoir by some Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (I'm sure Terry Gross did a Fresh Air on the subject.) Have a wonderful week, neighbors!