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Your Money, Your Business, Your Life

Principles of Success - Imagination

Your Money, Your Business, Your Life
Released on Nov 14, 2017

YMBL045 Principles of Success - Imagination

Creativity, curiosity, and imagination are critical to the success of your business. Being curious enables you to look at the world around you through a different lens, ask questions others may not have asked, and gain insight on how you can make an impact. Being creative and using your imagination allows you to develop new innovations and ideas to help you achieve your goals, help others, and carve your own path to success.

On today’s episode, I’m discussing the impact that staying curious and creative and using your imagination can have on your life, your business, and your career. I’ll share how conformity can often lead to complacency, making it more difficult to leave your comfort zone as well as the different types of imagination you can use to develop new ideas that will catapult your success. I’ll also share strategies you can use to encourage your creativity and imagination and explain how limiting beliefs can impact it.


“Allow your imagination to step in and start delivering you opportunities for success.” - Sharon Lechter


This week on Your Money, Your Business, Your Life:

  • The difference between synthetic imagination and creative imagination.
  • The importance of allowing yourself time to suspend disbelief
  • Creating a distraction-free zone to encourage creativity and imagination
  • Strategies to help you encourage your creativity and imagination
  • The importance of brainstorming.
  • The impact that self-doubt and limiting belief has on your creativity.
  • The importance of playtime and how it can help encourage your imagination.



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