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Pittsburgh Local News with Sam Leonard

PLN 10.5.17

Pittsburgh Local News with Sam Leonard
Released on Oct 5, 2017

Sam chops it up about waterboarding a 12-year old, Nazi merch at Trader Jacks, Tim Murphy’s attempted abortion, Westboro Baptist Nerds, a successful blue-collar heist, neck stabbing, arson, brutality in a trailer park, and more. SeatGeek promo code “PLN” for $20 off plus $5 cash from Sam.

Source Material

Trader Jacks Nazi

PA Budget

Pittsburgh World Cup

Westboro Baptist Schedule

Waterfront iPad Heist

Southside Neck Stabbing

Unity Township Arson

Tim Murphy Abortion 1

Tim Murphy Abortion 2

Showtime Casting Call

Trailer Park Police Shooting

12 Year Old Waterboarded