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The DC TV Report

DC TV Report for 10/7/2017

The DC TV Report
Released on Oct 8, 2017

Ed and Sara have twice the number of shows to cover on the DC TV Report this week with the premiere of Lucifer (3:22), in which our favorite devil deals with an unwanted set of wings and a new potential nemesis (Tom Welling, all grown up and with zero Clark Kent whininess). Meanwhile, a fun Gotham episode (22:08) features a bratty billionaire, a slinky new Falcone family member, and a new Misery-able situation for Nygma. As always, the Wonder Twins cover the news about Big Belly Burger (46:41), Supergirl (47:39), Flash (51:05), Legends of Tomorrow (56:46), Arrow (59:08), Black Lightning (1:08:09), Titans (1:10:24), and a rumor about a vainglorious, valorous vexation that may be coming to British TV (1:18:28). Ed also offers up an unconvential winner of the week (1:25:07).

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