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Pass the Torch Podcast

17 Pass the Torch Podcast: Dominique Thompson

Pass the Torch Podcast
Released on Oct 11, 2017
Dominique Thompson is the Founder/CEO of IntrepidHR Consulting Group which partners with small to medium size businesses in the public, private, non profit and some government agencies. Her goal is to teach business owners how to structure, grow and scale their businesses, how to protect their business and their employees with an emphasis on law and compliance.
She is HR professional and practitioner and serial entrepreneur for over 12 years. She is a mentor, small business coach and an advocate for women entrepreneurship with the founding of SHEpreneur where she mentors and empower women to dream and go after the dreams and passions that drive them. Her last is actually awesome-sauce, if you don't believe it, just check her T-Mobile bill. She's a mother, daughter, bestie and the love of HIS life. One of her most grateful accomplishments was finding her truth, standing in her truth and living in that truth every moment, unapologetically!!!