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The Hunker Downcast

Episode 39: Curfew Carnival or Strange BedMayors

The Hunker Downcast
Released on Oct 13, 2017

Check out @iSnapThereforeIam on Instagram.  That’s about it. Goodnight everybody!  Oh wait also Varg wants your money.  Oh and also here is a show. It’s HUGE.  Look, we’re sorry it’s two hours. But our friend, patron and show dad Ira Wray (@wemetintheair) drove all the way down from Baton Rouge just to sit in with us and there was a lot to talk about.  Here’s some notes to help you find your way through all this great #Content

Hour One

We’re all fresh off from actual compulsory hunkering during Hurricane Nate. We recap the that experience from Tactical Mitch to canned bread. Jeff hunkers down at Tujague’s. Our newest correspondent Jim Catchastory covers the hurricane.  Everybody has hurricane fatigue or fatigue fatigue or something like that.

There is a late breaking scandal in the mayor’s race. Varg has the scoop on that. Also the mayoral race is bad. We talk with Ira about the election and media strategy and do a little handicapping.

Musical performance by Engineer Pat and the Engineer Pat-ettes in a grudging tribute to Tom Petty

Hour Two

In sports, the Saints traded Adrian Peterson, Jacksonville is kind of a shithole, Ira and Varg talk fantasy football. Also Bo Knows Falconry.

Ira updates us on the Baton Rouge political scene and Mayor Sharon Weston-Broome’s troubles with the B.R.A.V.E. anti-crime initiative

Obligatory Tom Petty talk. Here are two articles of note this week about Tom Petty.


Jeff appeared on the Dean's List Fake News show.

Alli went to Comedy Fuck Yeah and had dinner at Bao and Noodle.

Ira has a newborn child named after a famous murder ballad.

Lance laid around watching movies.

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