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157: Do You Know What's In The Makeup You're Using?

Clean Green Talk Show | Green Living | Clean Living | Organic | All-Natural Food | Organizing
Released on Oct 17, 2017


Have you heard of Limelight, by the Alcone Company? It's one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the country. Alcone started in 1952 as a pharmacy that also sold cosmetics and false eyelashes to Broadway showgirls and starlets.

"Our philosophy then is still the same today... find the best makeup products from around the world and offer them at affordable prices so everyone (not just the rich and fabulous) will benefit. Just one look at our consumer data lets you know we still follow that philosophy today... everyday housewives listed alongside famous actresses, models, tv personalities, and socialites!"

They are serious about customer satisfaction and offer exceptional, hard-to-find products at great prices! They decided to let their customers become their sales reps. Professional makeup artists now can make a career out of not only doing makeup but selling the products they love.

Tarah has a unique niche. She has a medical background and as a consultant can help people learn about the ingredient  She's a PA (physician's assistant) and very passionate about educating her clients.  I love watching her on her weekly Facebook live where she picks an ingredient and teaches her students about why we should be looking out for it. You can join her here:

Listen to this interview and learn how Tarah is helping others by researching ingredients and recommending alternatives. Her "go to" research tool is none other than the database on You can do your own research there as well, by going to this link and plugging in your makeup or skincare product. You may be amazed at the grade they give it.

Listen and learn more.

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