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11: Slow Cooking Your Way to Less Stress With Stephanie O’Dea

The Dr. Zoe Show
Released on Oct 17, 2017
Listen to New York Times Best selling author, crock pot specialist and self made state at home mom, Stephanie O’Dea talk with Dr. Zoe about how you can slow cook your way to less stress. Stephanie has been featured on Good Morning America and the Rachel Ray show. She talks about how delegating your dinners to a crock pot frees your life. She also introduced her house management tools for busy women. 
3:53:   Health Tips- with Dr. Zoe-  Getting rid of Belly Fat
11:59.   Stephanie O’Dea shares her journey to crock potting Fame (Crockpotting is a verb)
14:30.  There is something magical about dumping food I not a pot and getting a meal a few hours later. 
18:00. Slow Cooking basics. How to get started crock potting and continue to do so on the regular.
18:35.  Importance of simplicity and Meal planning. 
21:05. Stephanie shares how to get a hold of her Dump and Go Recipes
23:00  Which is the best crock pot according to Stephanie. She shares her favorite- the ninja cooking system and how she uses it. 
33:50. Stephanie on House Management. How do we women set ourselves up for failure
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