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12: Dr. Zoe and Christian divorce attorney Stacy Fawcette | Christian Divorce podcast

The Dr. Zoe Show
Released on Oct 21, 2017

Christian Divorce? Oxymoron? Dr. Zoe and Christian divorce attorney Stacy Fawcette- Beaulieu tackle a very difficult topic of getting divorced when you are a Christian. Attorney Beaulieu is a Christian herself who works with couples divorcing, whether they want to or not. Listen in for a great discussion, tips and advice for anyone going through a divorce when you feel that divorce is wrong.


2:48 Health tips- Oxymoron tips for your health


8:24  Christian Divorce Talk Introduction


9:07 How does a Christian Attorney justify helping Christians through a divorce?


10:55 Dealing with the “unforgiveable” sin of divorce


11:30 Just because your friends and family have rejected you doesn’t mean God has


14:43  The difference between an emotional divorce and a legal divorce


16:28 You have to Earn your way out of your Marriage


18:40 What if you don’t have “biblical” grounds for divorce?


22:06  What is mediation and how do we know when we just can’t mediate?


25:20 What is the first step if you think a divorce is impending?


27:10 What to look for in a divorce attorney


29:26 How to find Christian Divorce Attorneys (link below)


31:03 How is seeing a Christian Attorney different than a non- Christian attorney?


33:30 Co- Parenting. What is it and how do lawyers address it?


37:00 Creating a Parenting plan


38:54 What to expect in the initial consult


42:00 Separation vs. Divorce. Should you just separate and what are other options?


47:00 Must do tips if you think a divorce is going to happen


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