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The DC TV Report

DC TV Report for 10/28/17

The DC TV Report
Released on Oct 29, 2017

Ed and Sara have some high-quality DC TV to report on this week! Lucifer (2:10) gives his brother a makeover, Supergirl (11:58) features a pair of emotional reunions, The Flash (30:42) gambles on a charming new Meta, the Legends of Tomorrow (45:20) get legendarily played, Gotham (53:55) scares us away from bacon, and Arrow (1:06:10) brings the OTA and Olicity feels. There's also good news about Preacher, a Marvel-ous update on the DC Cinematic Universe, and surprising unity in the winner of the week (1:28:33). All that, plus Ed sings a math song, Sara outlines proper city governance, and they both agree on the grooviness of early-90s Bruce Campbell.