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Status Quo Radio

Episode #21: Halloween Pranks, Skanks, And Tom Hanks

Status Quo Radio
Released on Oct 29, 2017

That's right, Status Quo Radio is live this week with our first annual Halloween Spooktacular!

Actually... the show isn't scary at all. So scrap that. Maybe we should just call it our Halloween Special?

Actually, it's not really that special either. 

Whatever. No matter how you cut it, this week our show is about that special night of candy, costumes, and devil worship.

Now that both Vin and Erik have grown-up a little, Halloween has changed from an exciting evening of adventure, to something entirely different...

But some things never change! Like the magic of a great costume or a great Halloween special. I'm looking at you, Charlie Brown :-)

Catch the latest episode of Status Quo Radio right here, and if you have suggestions for next week's topic, let us know!