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The keys to content cut through with John Hall

Inside Influence
Released on Dec 5, 2017

John Hall is the creator of one of the world's most influential influence agencies and yes that is a bit of a mouthful. The name of that agency? Influence and Co. Check them out online, they have been ranked the number one company dominating content marketing in the world. What these guys don't know about getting cut through in magazines and online isn't worth knowing. In the last few years alone they have provided content has been featured in thousands of the world's largest publications all on behalf of different corporations and individuals looking to stand out in their marketplace. John Hall himself is regularly featured in Forbes, he's created a best selling book which is now out, called 'Top of Mind' and he's graced the stage of some of the largest conferences in the world. He has been described as one of the most powerful people in media that you've never met in inc. magazine. In this episode I managed to grab John on the run  to talk about a number of different things to do with content and influence. A few of those include:

Charisma vs.  credibility. What's most important?

What makes a piece of content compelling? 

How do you put yourself in a position of visibility to grow your business or brand?

And why failure really isn't that different to success. 

So for now sit back and enjoy my conversation with John Hall.

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