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The DC TV Report

DC TV Report for 11/4/17

The DC TV Report
Released on Nov 5, 2017

Another week, another round of superior DC TV shows! Lucifer (6:41) ruins a favorite dessert but teaches us some creative swearing alternatives, Supergirl (17:55) battles literal hero worship in a moving exploration of Kara's faith, The Flash (30:10) introduces a rubber-limbed comic favorite, Legends of Tomorrow (42:45) goes full-blown E.T. in a Ray-centric outing, Gotham (51:54) gives us Bruce behaving badly, and Arrow (1:03:33) quite simply hits a bulls eye in every possible way. Plus, news (1:13:34) from Preacher, Black Lightning, Titans, Random tangents referencing the X-Files, The Shannara Chronicles, and a Nick Hornby short story, and you'll want to put on your dancing shoes for the winner of the week (1:16:32)!