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Episode #22: Politically Correct Marketing?

Status Quo Radio
Released on Nov 7, 2017

Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. And now, apparently, a global culture of men who have abused, objectified, and taken advantage of women.

It’s a tough topic to talk about, for sure... A topic that lots of people have strong opinions and sometimes real pain around.

How about gun control? Or gender, race, or politics?

This week Vin and Erik talk about how to navigate these minefields...

And how to deal with general political correctness in your marketing.

Some try it with humor... Have you?

Can you even (God forbid) try to laugh about such things? We have definitive answers that just might go against everything you've ever been told about marketing.

Erik also shares the story of how he offended one of Vin’s friends just last week with a poorly timed joke about race.

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