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The DC TV Report

DC TV Report for 11/11/17

The DC TV Report
Released on Nov 12, 2017

Get your singles ready, because Ed and Sara are here to discuss this week in DC TV! Lucifer (8:10) and Ella have a Vegas adventure, Supergirl (18:27) breaks up a power couple in the most humane way possible, The Flash (38:05) introduces us to drunk Barry in the bachelor/bachelorette party episode, Legends of Tomorrow (49:10) brings back a familiar baddie in Victorian London, Gotham (1:04:21) lets its female characters shine, and Arrow (1:14:18) delights Ed with its bone-crunching Deathstroke action. We've also got news (1:26:37) about a potential new entry in the DC TV lineup, a Supergirl-powered mini-lecture on responsible media ownership, and the winners of the week (1:30:46)!