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The Hunker Downcast

Episode 40: Nothing Stops A Job Like A Bullet

The Hunker Downcast
Released on Nov 12, 2017

Today the role of Rev. Lance “Varg” Vargas will be played by Kaitlin Marone.  See if you can spot the continuity gaps. Also please drive carefully.

Segment 1

Kaitlin dreamed up and organized the DSA “Gimme a Brake Light” clinics sprouting up all across America so we make her talk about that a little bit.  The next clinic will… have already happened by the time this is uploaded.

Let’s talk Election 2017!

Is Seth Bloom going to win the key Midwestern Grandma demographic? Can we believe anything LaToya or Desi say? Why are the New Orleans elections not like the national progressive wave in local elections elsewhere? How can that change in the next round?

Segment 2

Kaitlin tells us about fighting Nazis at the Model U.N. Attorney General Jeff Landry tells us about fighting drug addiction with.. um.. drop off boxes or something. Alli tells us about some weird kids’ videos on YouTube that are probably definitely evil. Or possibly good.


Kaitlin talks about a recent performance of her comedy troop’s “Fake News” show at the New Movement Theater. We discuss sewerage.

Alli decides to make this a sports segment and talk specifically about “how good Notre Dame is this year,” which, in retrospect was probably a bad idea. She also has some things to say about “Number one ranked Georgia” which, in retrospect, was also probably a bad idea.  It did yield Jeff making a wrong prediction, though. Also we learn that people who play football probably hate football.  Also, too, Alli got a tour of the Lake Borgne surge barrier.

Jeff has all kinds of personal problems.

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