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"You cannot change your destiny over night but you can change your direction.
~Jim Rohn

[NOTE: This is the first in our, NEW YEAR Series (at least 8 NEW episodes, taking you step-by-step, "How to Make 2018 a Breakthrough Year!"]

Most people "want" some change and / or improvement in their life. But "wanting" is not the same is making a clean and clear delineation. DECIDING what specifically will change for the better is entirely different than wanting or hoping.


Martin shares a Tony Robbins' great quote, "A real decision is backed by action." This helps to take us out of the realm of "wishing" or "wanting" and moves us toward a definitive DECISION and gaining some real momentum.

Turns out, the Latin root and meaning of decide is to "cut-away". "To me that means we are intent on cutting-away from our old habits and eager to setup/begin new behaviors/habits that we can align to our new goal!"

Deciding is the beginning of transformation!

Deciding is that fundamental first step and a real decision implies commitment!

Think about how you get anything significant accomplished, you first say to youself, "I am going to ______________" That could be as simple as going to the bank or store or something far more meaningful as getting out of debt. It starts with the decision!

I AM GOING TO _________________________________

 [NOTE: Don't miss STEP #2 NEXT WEEK! You have an entire week to determine you BIG DECISION and don't forget you can print out your DECISION TEMPLATE below and post it in your favorite room or office.

Enjoy and share! Thank you!]

"Each new day presents a new year and each new year a new day."

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