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048 An inside look at treating neurological Lyme disease

Lyme Voice Radio, Discussing your Lyme Disease Journey with Aaron & Sarah Sanchez

Release Date: 11/21/2017

"Envita saved my life. They stopped the immense suffering. They gave me back my legs and my brain." -Sarah Schlichte Sanchez

Talking points: 

  • Healing neuroborreliosis through IRAD-Insulin Receptor Antibiotic Delivery.
  • New and more accurate testing for chronic Lyme.
  • Treating the "whole patient" 
  • Mold-why it complicates healing

In 2013 I was treated for late-stage neurological Lyme disease at Envita Medical in AZ. We chose Envita for this treatment. I had severe cognitive issues and my brain was broken. The Insulin Receptor Antibiotics program that they have unlocked my brain and released me from the constant nerve pain, muscle pain, and bone pain.

Dr. Hummel with Envita Medical fills us in on the benefits of IRAD, improved testing for chronic Lyme disease and what we can learn from the tuberculosis epidemic. 

Sponsored by Envita Medical: www.envita.com