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Fighting Through WW2 WWII

22 Wilf Shaw - WWII army veteran interview 2

Fighting Through WW2 WWII
Released on Nov 26, 2017

Great, unpublished history!

A coffee with Wilf Shaw of 6th Battalion the Green Howards, 50th infantry division, in the British Army. 

Also joining us is Wilf’s friend, Lesley Littlewood, whose father was also in WW2 as a Bren gunner with 56 Reconnaisance battalion, part of 78th Division.

Wilf was in many campaigns including fighting for Monty’s 8th army at Alamein, Wadi Akarit in Tunisia, Sicily and of course Normandy. He was wounded twice and still returned to battle!

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A WWII military history podcast on Wilf Shaw's diary and memoirs.

Recorded 2016 in Manchester, UK

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