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KEY5 Speaker Podcast

205: Chris Daltorio | Sales and Leadership

KEY5 Speaker Podcast
Released on Nov 28, 2017

Chris Daltorio and his company New Velocity helps people become the superstar versions of themselves. He speaks to audiences on leadership and sales. In the podcast, Chris tells the story of how he moved from selling toys to starting a sales & leadership development company.

Telling Stories

Stories take your audience on a carefree ride. No one feels pressure when they're hearing your story - they're just coming along with the story and they can learn without pressure. Chris Daltorio suggests using stories often and in most cases use them first rather than boring mumbo-jumbo. 

Ensuring the stories are relevant to your audience starts with knowing your audience. Look through the lens of your audience at the stories you want to use. Frame the story with valuable nuggets.

Speaking for Free

Chris feels speaking for free can be the right thing to do - just make sure you have a referral and backend process. And speaking without cost is way one to give back to charities you value.


A Speakers Traveling Life... in a humorous way Chris recommends speakers learn quickly how to get outstanding status with one airline instead of good status on all the airlines. 

Reframe and or teach something the audience didn't already know when you speak. Chris feels your voice makes the difference. Use your time and money to hone your tone, and delivery - it's part of what makes you unique as a speaker.

You can't fake confidence - and preparation is what creates confidence.


Connect with Chris Daltorio on LinkedIn - or at his website

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