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Gratitude is the key to dissolving anger, resentment and anxiety caused by not meeting our own expectations, (hello perfectionists!) or caused by others. Yes, it’s the season to be merry and bright, but it also can come with negative emotions due to an even fuller schedule and time spent with friends and family who may trigger us down the emotional scale leaving us to self-sooth with food and alcohol. When I first learned about a “gratitude” practice it annoyed me. It was so hard to get grateful when all I saw around me were things I didn’t like. The thing is though, it WORKS. Gratitude allows you to shift your perspective. You get to see life through a new lens and the things that bothered you about yourself or others start to become unnoticed until they actually stop bothering you altogether.

In this episode you’ll:

💜 Understand holiday weight gain and subsequent new year’s resolution is a cultural belief - one you don’t have to participate in

💜 Objectively view the build up of emotions leading up to holiday parties that trigger negative emotions that then trigger us to self-sooth with food and alcohol

💜 Simple steps to shift your perspective through gratitude to avoid overeating

Put love into action:

💜 Write 5 reasons you’re grateful for what you’ve done this year

💜 Write 5 reasons you’re grateful for who you are, you’re character

💜 Write 5 reasons you’re grateful for your (difficult) friends

💜 Write 5 reasons you’re grateful for your (difficult) family members

This will do 4 things:

1️⃣ Build self-esteem and self-confidence by identifying your strengths

2️⃣ It will dissolve inner feelings of anger, resentment and anxiety

3️⃣ It will give you a shield from friends and family who are being mean on purpose

4️⃣  It will give you a new lens to see the world and might reveal you were projecting negative feelings about yourself onto them

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