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206: Charlie Engle | A Runner who Writes

KEY5 Speaker Podcast
Released on Dec 5, 2017

Charlie Engle says, "I'm an addict who runs, and a runner who  writes."  He has run across deserts, summited ice-covered volcanoes, swam with crocodiles and served a stint in federal prison. But his greatest challenge is the one he takes on every single day—sobriety. He's the author of the book Running Man.

He speaks to audiences about the idea that any obstacle can be overcome if you're willing to adapt to changing circumstances.

Developing a Story and Being Prepared

Go out there and do things - it's the experiences that will create the anecdotes for your speaking. Charlie expands a bit on those ideas in the podcast - listen to hear more of where his stories grow from and about being prepared to speak to each new audience.


Charlie Engle says the first thing he learned about speaking is that you don't need to inform the audience about every detail of your life - they can check you out later if they're interested.

In the podcast, he expands his experiences when asked to speak for free. A hard lesson to learn for speakers is that their speaking has value.

Use videotape yourself every now and again.  Speakers need to know how they sound and act on stage, and video is a humbling, but vital way to view your strengths and weaknesses.


Connect with Charlie Engle on his website, LinkedInTwitter and InstagramWe recommend checking out his Instagram feed as an adventurous runner he has a great feed!

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