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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
~R.W. Emerson

[Here's STEP #5 (week #5) in our BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"]

Step #5 =  Energy & Enthusiasm!

Step #1 was about Deciding.
Step #2 was about Assessing
Step #3 was about Values, Mission and Vision
Step #4 was about Passion & Purpose

And, now we're on to Energy & Enthusiasm!

It's simple math really... YOU are energy and your goal is going to require energy in order to be achieved. 

Mark twain once quipped, "And what is a man without energy? Nothing— nothing at all."

It cannot be over-stated... the quality of your energy and enthusiasm will have a direct influence upon the achievement of your goals.

The quality of your energy and enthusiasm will have a direct influence upon your goals! #habits #goals (tweet that one ; )

So, when it comes to your "energy being" what do you do DAILY to optimize your energy?

What is your diet like? Have you fine-tuned your diet lately? Are you tracking any habits related to your diet? Are you tracking any diet objectives? For instance how many glasses of water you drink a day?

What about your exercise? What exercise habits are you tracking?

If "health is the first wealth" and it is. Consistently optimizing your wellness, health/energy system is an essential foundation of goal achievement and and will help ensure that your next year will be your best year ever!

So, get AFTER IT! Be sure to click on the F RE E resources: PDF (located at: http://podcast.thehabitfactor.com

Enjoy and share! Thank you!

"Each new day presents a new year and each new year a new day."

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