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What promises are you going to make to lift your influence in 2018?

Inside Influence
Released on Jan 9, 2018

Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to 2018.

Now with this episode we decided to do something a little bit different and we decided just to keep it really simple.

Firstly because it's Christmas and we wanted a break. Secondly because, if your attention span is anything like mine during this time of year, simple is just good. 

So for this one I wanted to share, and actually actually start a conversation with you, about New Year's resolutions. Now I know that that's a contentious topic. Some people love them some people hate them, but for me I find it a really useful way every year to just focus my thinking right down into what I want to do differently this year. 

So I'll share a few of mine and these are based totally on what I've learnt from the people I've interviewed for this podcast so far. And I wanna hear a little bit more about yours as well. And I want to invite you to publicly share what your influence resolutions are going to be for this year and how you're planning on executing them via my social accounts:

Insta @Jules.Masters

LinkedIn: Julie Masters

Twitter: @Jules_Masters