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Ep 0053 The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life with Jason Vitug

Richer Soul, Life Beyond Money

Release Date: 01/02/2018

Money Learnings: Jason' Parent would not talk about money - so Jason started with zero knowledge. He learned about money through his job in a credit union. 
Takeaway: You only live once so create the life you want to live. 
Action step: What one small step can you make this week to clarify what you want in life? 

Thank you to the FinCon Podcast Network for allowing us to record this episode.

Jason Vitug, BIO:

I am a people-person. I gravitate towards areas that educate, inspire, and uplift people. I’m an idea man, a go-to-person; adventure seeker and a couch surfer; a helper and a leader; a realist and a dreamer.

I’m fascinated by the world around me and equally curious in the ability to create our reality.

I’m a financial wellness expert empowering a generation to live their best life through health and wealth.

I spent 8.5 years in banking and when the opportunity came to become a successor CEO, I chose to resign instead. I didn’t want to wake up one day realizing I chose comfort over serving a purpose.

On this journey, I discovered the good life on the Road to Financial Wellness. I’ve made it my mission to help others achieve their financial and life goals.

I’ll leave you be with a money mantra: Money isn’t everything, but money impacts most things.



Show notes and book link: https://wp.me/p43fRN-bN

Richer Soul Life Beyond Money. You got rich, now what? Let's talk about your journey to more a purposeful, intentional, amazing life. Where are you going to go and how are you going to get there? Let's figure that out together. At the core is the financial well being to be able to do what you want, when you want, how you want. It's about personal freedom!

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