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The DC TV Report

DC TV Report for 12/23/17

The DC TV Report
Released on Dec 24, 2017

Don your Santa hat and Converse shoes because the DC TV Report's Christmas episode is here! With no new TV episodes to discuss this week, Ed and Sara chat about homemade Christmas foods and The Last Jedi (no spoilers here, friends!) before launching into the news about Lucifer (15:29), Supergirl (18:38), The Flash (19:28), Arrow (25:04), Krypton (31:23), Titans (34:04), and Watchmen (39:57). Then they devote the rest of the episode to reviewing 2017's favorite terribly wonderful (wonderfully terrible?) Netflix holiday movie A Christmas Prince, starring iZombie's Rose McIver (42:17). Where does Amber actually live? Is Richard secretly the Unabomber? Why is palace security so bad at their jobs? Can we get some meat jelly up in here? Join the Wonder Twins for a spoiler-ific rundown of the highs and lows of this Christmas turkey!