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DC TV report for week ending 1/6/2018

The DC TV Report

Release Date: 01/07/2018

Grab your window washing overalls and join Ed and Sara as they usher in 2018 with a Lucifer episode that flashes us back to the beginning (5:19). They also discuss the latest on the Fox/Disney merger as it relates to Lucifer and Gotham (28:59), the upcoming DC in D.C. event (33:29), and general news about the Arrowverse (36:04) before getting specific about Supergirl (39:45), The Flash (46:03), Legends of Tomorrow (46:58), Arrow (51:44), Krypton (53:17), and Black Lightning (55:27). Sara's also got some suggested resolutions for a few of our DC TV favorites (58:13), and as always, the