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KEY5 Speaker Podcast

212: Vincent Ivan Phipps | Communication

KEY5 Speaker Podcast
Released on Jan 16, 2018

Vincent Ivan Phipps is known as “The Attitude Amplifier” and specializes in presentations and training to improve communication and the motivation to sound more polished.

"The best speakers prepare and know how to speak succinctly with a positive message and focus behind what they say."


Be genuine and clear and you'll be appreciated. Audiences want you to sound like you - they want authenticity. Speakers need to make the event coordinator look awesome. And they also need to customize the message. Listen to learn Vincent's specific points on how to do that in the Podcast.

On Stories

  • Your points need to be relevant. Vincent tells the story of his Uncle who missed the mark in his stories, to make his point.
  • Know the goal of the presentation - be sure your stories meet that goal.
  • What have the audiences heard before - don't just be different, but bring value with new stories. On the podcast, Vincent explains where he mines the stories he uses to make his message unique and how he customizes each story.

On Speaking for Free

Vincent never uses the "free" - because it suggests there's no value to your speaking. Rather, he uses the term "waive" the fee. He also suggests speakers need to do one other thing - listen to the Podcast to hear his process when waiving the fee for speaking.


Connect with Vincent Ivan Phipps on Linkedin.

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