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213 Diane Wolfe | Publishing and Promoting

KEY5 Speaker Podcast
Released on Jan 23, 2018

Diane Wolfe is a speaker, author and a founder of a publishing company. She speaks on publishing, marketing, websites and blogs, leadership and goal setting. She began speaking when working with a motivational company, and her career on the stage has developed as she's written books and created a business on publishing.

Speaking to promote your book.

Diane Wolfe, known as "Spunk on a Stick", says your enthusiasm and knowing your content makes all the difference when you're speaking to promote your book. She explains why she's known as "Spunk on a Stick" in the podcast - sometimes your loved ones know you best!

While in seminars about publishing and promoting books, she came to realize that having a book on the topics made sense. She's since written for those topics with the book, "How to Publish and Promote Your Book Now!"   

When Diane speaks to audiences she makes sure she knows exactly where they are in the process to write, publish or promote their books, and then she can use stories as parables to teach on each area of what it will take to get to where they need to go in the publishing world. On the Podcast, she tells the story of frogs in a milk jug as an illustration.

Diane recommends speakers use their books as another form of revenue - which makes speaking for free a viable method to promote what you do.


Connect with Diane Wolfe via LinkedIn, and on her publishing website.

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