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How to Spot a Leader


Release Date: 01/24/2018


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Q’s for today:

  • Hi Ange! First I just wanted to say that I look up to you a lot and often find myself saying “what would Ange do?” in situations within my doterra biz! Thank you for all that you do! :)  I’m new in my business and just had my first builder come on board a couple months ago. I’m wondering what you do when you welcome new builders…especially when you were just starting out. I feel as though I’ve set them up with all the necessary resources to launch their biz so now I’m wondering how often to “check-in” with them? Would you recommend weekly phone-calls/questionnaires to fill out? I want to be available and supportive but don’t want to scare them away by constantly checking in….when do you just let them do their thing?


  • Do you recommend putting all your eggs in one basket with doTERRA or having multiple streams of income when trying to build to the top of a network marketing company? As in do you ever worry about losing it all of something happened to the company? Also what would YOU do if doTERRA vanished tomorrow? :)  I always wonder if it makes one look less credible or committed if they’re trying to be too many business owners at once, or cover up their doTERRA business with another business (like coaching, nutrition, fitness etc)

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