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Branding, Energy + Wasting no Time


Release Date: 01/24/2018


Today’s Broadcast:

  • If you haven’t watched the Blueprint vid, be sure to take some time to watch. Totally FREE and no catch;)
  • Marketing for today not the 80’s
  • Visibility
  • Reflections on recent Leader Retreat
  • Takeaways from seeing Rob Bell Live. Highly recommend seeing him if he is your area!

HOL:FIT Programs + Mentions:


Q’s for today:

  • Hi, Ange! I love your weekly broadcasts - thank you! I am a brand new Gold with doterra and have been thinking the past couple months about creating a brand for myself. Do you have any tips on how to do that? What kind of questions do I ask myself? What made you decide on Hol:Fit? I have been thinking about this for awhile and can’t seem to get a clear vision of what I want my brand to represent. I have lots of ideas! But no clarity. Any tips? Thank you so much!


  • When you feel like you have exhausted your immediate group of friends/family/ coworkers, where do you go next?


  • What are some ways to detox children from sugars, processed foods, toxins, etc... Love your podcasts Ange!!
  • What are your best tips for motivating and encouraging your leaders to lead and build?


  • Ange, You are always saying how you are a self led person. That you always have been. Do you think it is just in the nature of your personality or is it something that you had to build on? Ive struggled with this for all of my so far life. I have waited for the approval of pretty much everyone around me , or have felt guilt if I didn't fulfil everything I thought I should be doing. I long to be a self lead women with confidence to seal it. Where is a good place to start in personal development?

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