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Episode 43: Getting turnt with Ratzinger

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 01/27/2018

So this is different. It’s the night before Krewe Du Vieux and everybody is in kind of a mood.  We were sitting in the Deurty Boys gallery drinking and watching old wrestling matches and for some reason decided to get the mics out.  It went sort of ok.  

Here is kind of a list of the topics give or take a few wildly divergent tangents and wrestling match distractions that kept happening for.. some reason.

-Papal turntness


- Latoya Cantrell’s taco pie recipe.

- wrestling

- Latoya’s credit card thing

- wrestling

- The Saints’ ignominious end

- Should the Saints draft Baker Mayfield?

- wrestling

- Krewe Du Vieux preview and more Mardi Gras talk

- still more wrestling


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