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KEY5 Speaker Podcast

215: Jimmy F. Blackmon | Leadership Consultant

KEY5 Speaker Podcast
Released on Feb 6, 2018

Jimmy F. Blackmon is a combat-experienced leader, speaker, author, and consultant, dedicated to motivating today's millennial generation. He speaks to audiences on how to maximize the leadership potential of individuals in every organization.


Transitions are key - make sure your transition from a mesmerizing story to the applicable point works well. It's important for the audience to feel the emotion, but a speaker must find the best transition so they can also understand the takeaway.

Options for different groups are important, but his leadership message is the core. He wants the audience to understand that they're all in the "people" business. According to the direction the group wants to take, he will pull out the sound bites applicable for the need.

On speaking for free:  early on when beginning your career, speaking for free is a valuable tool, but once you have a pricing model, be careful - do free, or an honorarium - but stay consistent in your fees.


Connect with Jimmy Blackmon on LinkedInTwitter  and on his website, Out Front Leadership .

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