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KEY5 Speaker Podcast

216: Becky McCrary | Speaker and Trainer

KEY5 Speaker Podcast
Released on Feb 13, 2018

Becky McCrary is a fun and funny motivational keynote speaker and trainer who has been called the Carol Burnett of Conventions, the Energizer Bunny in High-Heeled Shoes, a redhead Amy Poehler and Southern Sass.

You'll chuckle all through this podcast! Becky is the author of "Relationship Networking on Purpose."


At the beginning of her career Becky McCrary says she wishes she knew that there would be lean years. No matter how well things are going, be sure to save along the way.

Developing a key story is done on your feet and out loud, Becky says. Her stories are always true - because it's easier for her to remember the truth. The best stories come from reliving an experience, not just telling a story. She believes in using her quiet time, perhaps while driving, to develop a story. She goes on to explain even further in the podcast and unpacks a wonderful progression.

On speaking for free: at the beginning she didn't understand why speaking for free was good, but then she realized that the more you speak the better your skills grow. She has a very organic way of explaining why she doesn't speak for "free", but rather, arranges for other compensation.

And finally, Becky says that speakers need to stay in touch with meeting planners to keep their business growing.


Connect with Becky McCrary on LinkedInTwitter and on her website. Check out her book on Amazon.

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