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Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs Movie "Hidden Figures" Replay

Book Vs Movie Podcast
Released on Feb 16, 2018

Book Vs Movie Podcast (Replay)

"Hidden Figures"

The Margos finally get another Margot on the show when we discuss the book to movie adaptation of Margot Lee Shetterley's Hidden Figures.  Discussed are the differences between the book and the film (which was adapted from the 55-page book proposal and not the final book.)

We have some rather strong opinions on which we liked better. Here are some highlights from our discussion:

  • The amazing cast including Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae and Taraji P. Henson.
  • The white characters featured in the film that are NOT in the book.
  • Our reactions to the notorious "bathroom scene"
  • Our ideas for a Hidden Figures Hulu series!
  • The outstanding score by Pharrell Williams


Audio clips:

  • Hidden Figures trailer
  • The “Bathroom” Scene
  • Crave Pharrell Williams


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