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217: Stephen Monaco | Marketing Strategist and IBM Futurist

KEY5 Speaker Podcast

Release Date: 02/21/2018

Stephen Monaco is a forward-thinking marketing strategist who speaks on innovation, strategy, marketing, and entrepreneurship. He's an IBM Futurist and author of the book, "Insightful Knowledge: An Enlightened View of Social Media Strategy and Marketing"


Stephen continues to edit and tweak the message he's giving until he's able to provide the most value to the audience. He then uses the rest of the time to rehearse his presentation.

He has some unique activities he uses to overcome anxiety before speaking. Listen to the podcast to learn his ideas. Not everyone is an extrovert or born for the stage and this might resonate with those who are a bit anxious before speaking.

Gaining exposure as a speaker can be a reason to speak without a fee. Stephen feels called to share the wisdom he's gleaned.

Instead of a Q an A time after the presentation, Stephen warmly invites the audience to meet with him afterward one-on-one. He says it's important to him to demonstrate he's approachable and accessible.


Connect with Stephen Monaco on LinkedIn and on his website.

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