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Q + A Day: Purpose, Fear and Life School


Release Date: 02/21/2018

Today's conversation explored living your purpose, what fear has to do with it and inspiration is everywhere in life school.
- Love for today’s BOGO essential oils
- The “program” that for man cold
- The easiest DIY dry shampoo: https://plantoeat.com/recipes/591926/

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I listened to your episode on wasting time, I definitely know that I am not living out my passion each day and feel like I am “wasting time”. I don’t live my day job but need it to pay the bills. How do I make that next step? I am an Elite with doTerra but feel stuck- I don’t know if it is fear holding me back or if I really don’t have the right drive for this business. I love the oils but struggle with speaking to people about them- especially people I don’t know.

What is by far your greatest income producing activity? Was it different at different ranks? Could you give examples.

Can you please discuss how to overcome the fear of success? THANK YOU!

Hi Ange - You shared you’re doing three hours of mindset work per day. What mindset work do you recco for me as I go from Gold to Diamond in the next six months, and how many hours per week would be ideal. Thanks for rockin’ it out for us. Love your love xo