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Transitions From War

Transitions from War - Episode 6 - Fear, Loathing, and Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Transitions From War
Released on Mar 1, 2018

Mike and Rich return to the TFW studio and discuss fear. How does fear limit us in our pursuits and how can be use it instead, to propel us to new heights. Rich eats a Cholocate Chirp cookie and loves it. Mike keeps saying "powerful" and "yeah" way too much.


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Mike started the Transitions from War blog to talk about his struggles getting home, PTSD, and addiction and then finding endurance sports to really begin feeling whole again. 


Breaking the stereotype of Marines being illiterate, Mike and Rich met up in college at UC Berkeley. A few years after graduation they teamed up again, this time to discuss and promote a topic blatantly absent from their college days: healthy lifestyle and fitness. 


Music by The Marine Rapper


Intro: March - The Marine Rapper


Outro: Blood, Sweat, Tears - The Marine Rapper






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